Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Investment Real Estate San Antonio Markets - 2

Summary of San Antonio Sub Markets for Flipping Houses

The following are graphical representations of the Prezi I previously posted on market segments in San Antonio for flipping houses.  These figures reflect the past six months of houses that were flipped.  These do not represent each sub-market as a whole.  The effects of this will be discussed in relation to the data being compared with each chart.

Price per square food of flips

This graph shows how price per square foot fluctuates between areas of San Antonio for flipping.  The blue indicates the average $/sqft whereas the red shows the median.
Sales prices by neighborhood

This graph shows the average (blue) and median (red) sales prices of flips in each neighborhood in the city.
DOM for flips by med
This graph shows Days on Market for flips and increases according to the median (red) DOM for each area.

DOM for flips by avg

This graph shows Days on Market for flips and increases according to the average (blue) DOM for each area.


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