Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rehab week 2 and 1/2

Nothwest Rehab Week 2 and 1/2

What's been done?

Well since my last post it's kind of tough to tell from pictures what all has been done.  The ceilings have been retextured throughout the entire house as opposed to just scraped like the last time I was over there.  All fixtures have been removed along with AC vents.  All the walls, ceiling, and doors have been painted.  There was originally wallpaper that was painted over in the bathrooms and kitchen which was removed and retextured.  Because this house is so dark inside I've decided to market it without blinds on the windows.  My reasoning for this is that the first thing any agent does when they enter a house to show to a client is open the window blinds to let light in for their buyer.  I figure it will save me a little money up front and if the buyer does want them installed I'll do it during the inspection period.  

What's the next step?

Kitchen, bathrooms, garage door, exterior paint, and fixtures.  I'm 1/3 of the way through my budget with my GC ($4,000 of $12,000) and he's asking for his second draw.  This is about right being as how the first part of the job was very labor intensive and didn't require a lot of materials.  Phase one was a lot of demo work, scraping popcorn texturing, ordering a dumpster, retexturing, and painting.  The next stage should also be fairly labor intensive as well consisting of re finishing the cabinets and demo work in the master bedroom. Material heavy expenses should kick in when we replace the garage door and start ordering granite and tile.  My ideas of where I want to go I'm borrowing from one of my clients, Jim (thanks for letting me borrow some of your pictures bud!)

I haven't decided exactly which color scheme I want to go with yet but having an awesome back splash with some good granite tops always helps out.  Generally we say anything worth over $125,000 needs granite (which should always match in the kitchens and bathrooms) but if you really want to sell your house quick spend a few extra bucks and put it in.  

I really like the accent line about eye level.  I'm going to be doing this in my second bathroom.  I have seen houses where they take out the tub, build up a 6" wall and turn it into a walk in shower, which I like a lot.  But you do need to have one bathtub in the house and I'm leaning towards ripping the master tub out and making 1 large walk in shower.  

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