Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jimmy's Monticello Park Rehab

Jimmy's Monticello Park Rehab

336 North Drive, San Antonio, TX 78201     -     $199,000.00

What's so great about Monticello Park?

First of all, the former mayor of San Antonio, Ed Garza, lives here.  I work on Broadway and Ninth St. downtown and it takes me a grand total of 4 minutes to get to my office from this neighborhood.  Monticello is a historical district which makes it very appealing to older residents of the city who want to live close to downtown but in a very prestigious area.  This is a prime area for investors to take houses that are falling apart and remodel them into something great for a home buyer who loves the area but wants something with a little bit more modern feel. I believe this property is hitting the market at $199,000 but you may want to check with the listing agent for more information at:

                        Misty Niemeyer
Home Team of America
Office (210) 490-8000
Direct Line (210) 831-8243

I'm a huge fan of flagstone on the exterior of houses.  I've never done it during a rehab because it's fairly expensive for my pockets but if you happen to find a house that has already had it installed you've certainly got a huge selling point.

All original hard wood floors that have be refinished, a definite plus.  Jimmy also replaced all the windows (yikes! I know that's expensive, I've had to do it) and finished the living area out with some legitimate crown molding.  

To add some counter space to the kitchen he also incorporated this movable island.  This house actually has a lot of light coming in it, despite that I took these pictures at 11 am, which allows the dark granite counter tops to really stand out against the light colors of the walls, back splash, and cabinets   

You can't see it too well in this picture but the top of the enclosure for the shower is nicely rounded.  I can't remember if it was originally like that or if Jimmy made that himself.... But either way he finished it out nicely with some good looking tile that compliments the paint of the walls and the house as a whole.  

This picture of the master bedroom gives you an idea of just how much light comes in through the larger windows that were installed.  Two pictures down you can see that these French doors lead nicely out to wooden deck.

One of the other bedrooms.

The posterior of the house.  Nice wooden deck able to host a decent sized BBQ, as all Texan's know is a requirement for a house of any size, shape, or form.  

This is perhaps one of my favorite features of the house so I'm going to spend a little time talking about it.  In Monticello as well as Monte Vista and King Williams it is very common to see a garage converted into a mother-in-law's quarters, or as I more commonly refer to it, a teenagers quarters.  The garage does house one vehicle comfortably but also has a two car car port in decent shape.  The "teenager's quarters" is one bedroom, one bath separate unit with a fully functioning kitchen.  This is perfect for house guests or relatives. This unit was actually rented out for $450 a month before Jimmy bought this house!  If you had a small family and didn't have an immediate use for this space you could easily shave a hefty portion off your mortgage OR pay for your property taxes and insurance for the year - if you bought in cash.

Ryan Harthan


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