Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why it Makes Sense to Use an Investment Professional

Why it Makes Sense to Use an Investment Professional

Why would you want to work with an agent who specializes in investment property as opposed to a team of Realtors®?  Many real estate investment education companies impress upon their students the importance of using multiple Realtors® to submit bids on the properties they are interested in.  The purpose for this is diversification; looking at the inventory and using the expertise of multiple professionals at once.  The reason for doing this as opposed to using your regular agent is that Joe is going to get frustrated with submitting countless low ball offers that are not going to provide him with the same commission as one big listing.  Why would this be a bad idea?

Time Management for Investment Real Estate

As opposed to dealing with twenty people who are average in your niche of the market why not deal with one person who is a rock star in distressed property?  An awesome investment brokerage probably submits seventy offers a week and knows what a deal is and what a deal isn't. They wake up and eat investment real estate pancakes. They drink deal juice for breakfast.  By 10 am they've looked at every deal that has changed in the entire market and are in their cars driving to check conditions and get bids.  Joe from your regular real estate company doesn't have the time to cater to an individual client with such tenacity.  

Advantages to Consolidating Your Team

While you may spend countless hours looking at properties, submitting offers, getting countered, irritating the biggest listing brokers in the city, your investment agent knows the ins and outs of the system.  They've built relationships with these agents by consistent performance.  If they've sold over 200 investment grade properties in a year you can bet that they know their rehab numbers to a T.  They know all the sources of getting funding in town, which title companies actually do their jobs, and which contractors are in their stride as opposed to which contractors are swamped.  The situation is similar to going to your family practitioner and asking them to do open heart surgery.  Get a professional on your team.

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